Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Dreamweaver - dream on!

Well piece number 23 is finished. I thought it was finished yesterday and was waiting for daylight to photograph it when I realised that the metal panel in the centre was 'wonky'. I am hopeless with the vertical - everything looks either 2 mins to or 2 mins past - and yes I did measure but somehow it must have moved.
Came up with an idea to camouflage it which had been part of the original design and dropped but now I had to use it.

I think I like it.
Back to my vertical problem - when I used to display on my classroom walls it was evident that I had this vertical problem so I always had a plumb line handy similarly at home when hanging my work. When things are actually vertical they look 'wonky' to me - must be my eye perception that is at fault.
I well recall one incident when my daughter and I had just brought home her chosen wedding dress and she was trying it on to show her father. When I came in the room they were standing there arm in arm as they would walking down the isle but they were both leaning slightly over - 2 mins past - as that was my norm!!! Funny Ha Ha.
It isn't so funny when I have finished the stitching or mounting work and it is wonky as with this piece. Grrrr

Anyway - at last the book to help me learn Dreamweaver has arrived so I have spent a couple of hours starting at the beginning. I think it is going to take a while. So lesson 1 over - I have familiarised myself with the interface and know what all the tabs and bits are - I think!
Will sit and make some sketches of how I want the pages of the site to look and how many new images to prepare. Fancy including a slideshow. How ambitious is that????

For now - preparing my next piece.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
What a lovely finished piece and so well photographed , I can see every detail in the close up.
I love the layering effect with the embroidery and the cental panel is stunning. The border finishes it perfectly no-one would ever know you'd used it as a disguise. What a very irritating problem for you.
You're so prolific, you make me feel like a snail !
I hope you enjoy using Dreamweaver, it's an amzing program if you can get the hang of it. As a mac user I think I'll rebiuld my site in GoLive as the Iweb won't let you accecc the code and that's beginning to be a problem for me! but it does do lovely slideshows.