Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ancient Egyptians

As promised I am posting a photo of my 'distressed' Egyptian box. Not too pleased with it but it does look 'old' so can get away with it.

I finished the Nile panel last night although I now need to make a frame to stretch it over for hanging. Reasonably pleased with it - the colours worked and I was able to use up a piece of model magic I had made a couple of years ago. Everything comes in useful eventually - it is the storage that causes problems. My home is bursting at the seams with finished work and the materials I hoard. All needed I tell my husband.

This morning I sat and sketched out some designs for the next batch of Ancient Egypt. This batch will be more abstract and contemporary - playing with techniques I think.

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sharon young said...

Hi shirley
The box looks great, vrey different to how the panels looked in closeup. I think it works very well, I like the finishing touches on the box closures. The lid looks very dramatic.
What's the story on the inside?
I like the colours on the hanging too. I think you chose the right side of the felt to use, it just has a little bit more of the turqoise in it.