Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Finished at last

My little grandson has become a keen golfer - at 7 years old - watch out Tiger Woods. He has a golf club called a 'wacker' - the name speaks for itself. When his dad joined our family I made him a pair of Ferrari car golf club head covers and so my grandson - not to be out done- asked for an orca for his golf club. An orca is a killer whale. My grandson has always been a lover of dolphins and orcas and has a huge family of stuffed dolphins and orcas from very small ones to a very large orca - known as 'Big Lump' which we had to get into the luggage to bring back from Florida.
I had to borrow one of his stuffed orcas to make a pattern and have today finally finished making the 'tadaaaah' orca golf club head cover. I had instructions to make it big enough to fit the next size up wacker. Job done.
Late last night I made some dyed mohair fabric paper. Decisions, decisions - now I am having difficulty deciding which side to use. It represents the Nile running through the Egyptian desert sands. I am going to embellish it with stamping, embossing and stitching etc with symbols of Ancient Egypt. So........


Not much difference on screen is there? Will make decision after this blog.
Hey, two blogs in a row !!!! This could get serious.

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