Sunday, 28 October 2007

Starting a new piece

I have changed the image of the final Egyptian Eyes piece posted yesterday. I didn't like how it looked using flash and hung against the white wall. It looked really nice on the wall but didn't photograph well. I have now photographed it in better daylight and on black which looks much better - more how it really looks. Have a look at yesterday's post.
Thanks for your comments Sharon - re: hanging the piece - I have attached a cord on the back stitched to the fabric so it will hang as it looks in the photo.

I have begun my next Egyptian project piece. Some time ago when I bought InkAID, I did lots of experimenting and the centre for this piece is one of them. I printed the image onto gold metal shim and embossed it afterwards. it turned out really well so I decided to use this for the centre of the next piece.

First I cut a piece of fabric and this is a fabulous find - to me anyway. Many years ago when our daughter came caravanning with us, she slept in an inner tent in the awning. It was, however, still cold during the early hours so I bought thermal curtain lining. It is a fine weave fabric coated on one side with a white substance and reminded me of the coating of gesso I put onto fabric I am going to paint. I decided to try it and see how good it was when painted. My fabulous find - it paints and takes inks brilliantly just like a gesso coating. Ready done. Now my daughter no longer needs this inner lining, I have a large stash of this canvas weight coated fabric which stitches easily. I used it for the last piece so from now on.....

I painted and stamped the fabric background Stage 1. I made all the stamps used on the piece.

Next I laid the metal shim image and some threads over the surface as I will now let the piece develop. I have only a vague idea of what the end will be.

Back to work.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Love the way this piece is developing. Did you really print on metal shim? If so did you put it through the printer as it comes or back it with something.
The two tone colours are lovely, as is the double image printing. I'm intrigued by the embossing as I know nothing about, but it looks super.
Can't wait to see the finished piece.
The previous piece looks much better on the black background.