Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Digital imaging

I have finished piece number 23 of the Egyptian project that I was working on - I think!!! I keep looking at it and think it is finished then I look at it again and think I could do more on it. If in doubt - leave it out. Will go with that for the moment.
I'l take a photo tomorrow in daylight and post it on my next blog post.

Meanwhile, I have had a play with some digital imaging. I came up with this one and have played further with the colour sliders to create three more.

I may use it as a base design for a piece of work. It lends itself to stamped images, fibre felting, free machining and a machined overlay of the fancy lacy design. A quilted piece perhaps.

I used the colour sliders and sliding the blue to its + max gave another nice possibility similarly with the red and blue sliders together to their + max.

Some time ago I did some more digitial imaging from a photograph of a rhododendron bud. It involved a LOT of layers.
One of the designs was given a coloured gradient background and the other a monochrome background. Can't decide which I like the best. I think I will have to print both of them.


tzuraster said...

Love the black background rhododendron bud picture, Shirley. It has the look of a fractal. Ten out of ten and a gold star! ;-)



sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
I love the leaf composite, great use of the colour sliders, very exciting. I'd be very interested to see where you take this as I wouldn't know where to start. I love making this sort of artwork on the computer but have never been able to successfully use it in textiles. Hope you keep us posted!
I like the rhoderdendron bud on the dark bg, it looks as if you've used a lighting effects filter in the middle.
It's a while since I've done any digital art. I got quite disheartened when I couldn't find a way to use it!
Many thanks for your commetns.