Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Found time at last!

Well I have finally found the time to blog again. I have finished all 9 articles for my CTDGroup and sent them off. There's plenty for the Editor to pull on when she needs them.
Visited the Knitting & Stitching show at NEC. Was disappointed - not a very big show considering the cost of entry and parking. I did manage to give some stewarding time to the group stand and met lots of new members. Nice to put faces to names of existing members. This made up for the disappointment of the show.

Had a lovely day out doing - yes - photography. We went to Whitby and Sands End and this time we were rewarded with some super photos. The weather was perfect and the tide was out.

This was taken on the 199 steps up to the abbey. Took this while having a rest nearly at the top. Need to be fit!!

This was taken on the beach at SandsEnd. The late afternoon sun gives lovely warm tones to the photo.

Finished some more stitch outs for the articles I wrote. They made a change from the Egyptian project. They turned out better than I expected - last minute ideas usually do.

I visited the Fashion & Embroidery Show - Ex Madiera Show- at the Yorkshire showground. Much better than last year and met up with friends from CTDG. It isn't the Madiera Show of old - the best ever - but it is improving. Spent some even though I told myself I didn't need anything - which I didn't - but.....

Back to my Egyptian project. Finished another piece. Wasn't sure it was working when about half way through but quite like it now.
After Nefertiti on blue I prepared to make a box. Did all the prep on the computer and then began to transpose the designs into textiles. I rather feel that the curses of the Ancient Egyptians one reads about must have been at work for this piece. It was one of those pieces where if it can go wrong, it will and did. I was almost ready to ditch it but my philosophy is to see it through till the end. Could be my - must not waste anything- at work. The box is finished but not photographed yet and it didn't turn out to be a disaster although it was definitely not to my usual standards. Could pass it off as 'aged' or 'distressed' which I certainly was????

These are the four sides of the box. The backgrounds of hieroglyphics were printed on an inkjet printer. The figures were printed on transfer paper and ironed onto felt and applied to the background. The lining and lid are another story.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Lucky you to be in Whitby, I just love it to bits! We went there in the spring and had the best holiday since the kids left home,. We stayed in an apartment on the coast at Sandsend, it was beautiful.
I hope you'll post the pics of the box when you've done them , it looks intriguing, especially the detail in the computer print outs, right up my street.