About me and My book

I am an obsessive textile, fibre and mixed media artist who loves all things with texture. I love using and experimenting with new techniques and products and combining lots of different techniques into a piece.

I am a keen photographer and use my photography in my textile work and to create digital collages which I print onto fabrics, special papers and even metal shim.

I use the computer extensively to change and manipulate images, creating unique designs and exploring colour palettes.  I also use digitising software to create designs and unique stitches which can be stitched out on a computerised embroidery machine.

My first book

I have written a book which has been published by Batsford and is now available from all book retailers and outlets.  It is called Embroidered Jewellery. It is full of how to make beautiful wearable jewellery using all kinds of materials and using many different techniques. It covers design and sources of design, how to calculate sizes, all the different materials that can be used including very unusual ones, embellishment and decoration, how to make your own chains and fastenings and how to use and recycle bits and pieces into beautiful jewellery. It has many step by step projects and lots of tips and advice to make the creating of your own jewellery easier.
I do hope it will be a resourceful book for those who want to create their own very stylish and wearable jewellery.

Here are a few of the pages to give you a taster :-

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