Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy, busy - too many things I want to do

Haven't posted for a few days. Have been busy with my latest piece which has snowballed a bit and I have been enjoying getting on with it. No photos yet - will take some tomorrow. It is actually a series of little pieces - they are tags which will be hanging from a main piece - now that part may pose the problem as I haven't given that one any thought yet. - Just had a thought - wonder if it will work?????

Have also spent time learning to use Dreamweaver to revamp my website. It is time consuming with not much to show for it yet. Have made a layout of my opening page but cannot decide whether to have a bold theme or a gentle one. My husband says to go bold. Will create a few and then decide.

This is one idea.
Back to the tags - was having a problem machining a piece of gold leather then realised I hadn't put the embroidery foot on - feel such an idiot sometimes. It's an age thing!!!!


Helen Suzanne said...

Good going on the web page front - maybe something which isn't too loud and lets your work jump out rather than the logo ;)) Have a look at colour recommendations for exhibition walls... I know that a sage green is a good colour to hand things on, and black is quite effective as everything jumps off it. Some colours are known to knock the stuffing out of art work but I guess it depends on what colours are in the pieces. there's a nice little site to try out some colour combinations at

sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
I tend to go for a minimilist look , I get very confused when I go onto a web site with a lot on the home page and sometimes I can't even find out how to enter the site, but maybe that's an age thing too!
Thanks for your comments on my post, I think you're right.