Saturday, 27 October 2007

A bit further on

I have managed to do some more work on the 'Egyptian Eyes'. It is building and getting closer to what I envisaged it to be but not there yet in this photo.

Since taking the photo I have now almost finished the piece - ready to take off the frame and decide how it is going to be mounted. The colours are more vibrant than those I visualised and it looks better for it.
Have wrapped some rather bright metallic braid with tea dyed scrim then machine wrapped them with a variegated thread which had most of the colours in the piece. These will be stitched down the vertical joins leaving some of them loose and overhanging top and bottom as per my original sketch..

An unexpected free day today as my grandson's dad was at home so he would not be with me today - miss him - but it is best he spends time with his dad - he doesn't see enough of him due to work demands. So I hope they had a good day together.

Went to the camera club last night for 'Digi night'. Apart from a couple of things not really anything new to me but I enjoyed it and met new people.

Read some blogs and posted some comments. Now back to the Egyptian eyes.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Just catching up on your blog, and wow you have moved fast!
I love the vibrant colours in this piece, it all works very harmoniously, which often doesn't happen when people get excited with yummie things like Angelina!
I've really enjoyed watching the progression.