Friday, 19 October 2007

Final piece

I have finished the Ancient Egyptian tile hanging. Quite pleased with it. It does look 'Egyptiany'.My grandson is sleeping over tonight so I will be spending my time with him tomorrow. I might if I am lucky get time to prepare the next piece.
I have managed to prepare for my talk on Saturday. I am doing my talk on Craster - a project which grew from a visit to Craster on the Northumberland coast and the 36 photographs I took. They were put into the computer and 'played' with. I produced 66 pieces of work which included bags, boxes, books, tassels, hangings, panels and even jewellery and then laid out and printed a book of the pieces. I hope the group enjoy it and I don't overrun which I usually do.

We went out to look at bikes today. We want to buy our grandson a bike for his birthday. We also managed to have a good walk as the weather was so nice. I always have difficulty with this as I want to go for a walk and I want to get on with my art work. I went for the walk.

While my grandson was on his computer tonight I sat and bent gold wire in the form of an Ancient Egyptian eye. It turned out well but I need a few more.

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