Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Stage 2

This will be another short blog.
Have base painted all the pieces and they are now ready to guild and embellish. All the stitched detail should stand out.
Will also test adding some colour to the embossed shim brooch.
My grandson called to ask me to pick him up from school tomorrow . He will be sleeping over too.
Had a confirmation phone call for Saturday's talk to Hartlepool Embroiderers Guild.
Managed to look at some of the blogs and web pages of some of the members of FAMM. There are a lot more people out there who are just as obsessive about fibre art as I am. I am not such an odd bod after all. Nice to know that.
There are also a lot of talented people too. Some super work. Love looking at it.
must try to keep up with messaging those I have messaged before. It is all too easy to lose touch.

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