Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Day two of ' Egyptian Eye' piece

There has been a discussion going on on the FA/MM group about the design process to which I have added some posts. As a result I thought that I would blog the design and development of this piece to show how starts and finishes.
Initially, on this occasion, I began with a sketch and a few notes. This is just one of my approaches to designing.
Yesterday I played with Angelina film and fibres and tyvek and created some 'Egyptian eyes'. I sorted out the stamps I'd made and some fabric to use as the backing. I placed the 'eyes' and stamps on the fabric rearranging them until I was happy with it. I had an idea of how the finished piece would look but at this stage it was very much 'let it grow'.

Next I began using paints to fill the squares and continually moving things about to keep a balance of effect.

The piece is developing as the squares fill up.

The final base layer is finished. I will now be working on each of the squares building up the layers and textures so stay tuned.....At this stage I think it is going to work out as I visualised.

I will have my grandson with me tomorrow so not sure how much work I will get done. Going to check out the new edition of my group's magazine Design-IT which has one of my articles in it. Looks good at first glance - will have a better look now I've finished this blog.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
I'm so glad you decided to record the process of this piece, it's really interesting to SEE how other people approach their work, even though it does mean you've got to keep stopping to do the photographs.