Sunday, 13 January 2008


Didn't get a lot done today - 'creativewise' that is. Other unplanned things.

We bought some new lighting for the workroom which will be fitted tomorrow I hope.
I coated some sheer fabric with inkAID and printed some images which will be stitched onto the quilt. As these images are of jewellery I thought I might use some beads to embellish them.

As I have been using InlAid I thought I would post another piece which was created when I was testing it out.
This is a digital collage - Faces of Ancient Egypt - which I put together using Photoshop. The faces were layered over hieroglyphics and a torn edge effect created around the image.
I crumpled and paint washed tissue paper and when dry glued it to a sheet of thin card. I coated this with semi gloss InkAid and printed the image onto it. I then applied gold transfer foil by rubbing over the surface so the foil would adhere to the ridges of the crumpled paper but only around the border. Unfortunately this does not show up as shiny gold on the scan so that will have to be imagined.

I am now thinking of creating some boats in padded gold leather to stitch onto the Nile representation on the quilt. Have found one picture of a boat but will need to find another. Off to do that now.


sharon young said...

HI Shirley
Love this collage, the colours and definition are quite amazing, I can't wait to try the InkAid, I've never got results like this from printing straight onto paper.
This is a lovely piece in it's own right, will you use it or cut it up for something else?
Thanks very much for the tip on using the InkAid will post up the results later in the week.

Purple Missus said...

As usual, very interesting Shirley. Did you not put any sort of adhesive on the tissue paper before bonding the foil on?

Karen Hall said...

Hi Shirley,
Thank you for the "You Make My Day", You make my day as well - I enjoy reading your blog - and our communications
Warm Regards