Sunday, 20 January 2008

Digital play

I spent some of today reorganising and clearing out the area behind my computer seat in my living room work area. I get so frustrated when I want something and have to move so much 'stuff' to get at it then have it all to put back. Sooo today I did something about it and it is so much better now and I managed to throw out old supplier catalogues and other 'stuff' cluttering up the area.
Wonder how long it will be before it builds up again.

I have continued to tinker a bit more with the quilt - added some treasure gold down one side of the sheer heads to create shadows and some more detail stitching. It has been edged and a hanging sleeve created so I will leave it alone now.

Having bought a new book about digital techniques in Photoshop I decided to have a play with the bust of Nefertiti. Now I have the problem of which ones to use and how.

This is the image I started with. First I created 5 single colour images using the colours I 'colour picked' from the images of Egyptian jewellery.

Once I had the separate colour images I began to layer and overlap them creating different arrangements.
This diagonal arrangement was the first one. I put it through some filters and kept a few of them which had possibilities.

I have the feeling I may be making a stencil or a stamp.

Next I made a different arrangement of the images overlapping them in the standard five pattern and then in a vertical zigzag pattern.

After I had put the image through a filter I layered the original image over the top so that the pattern became the background. I am not sure if it is a bit too psychedelic but I didn't want to delete it. Finally I gave a gradient filled background to the original image. This last one may become part of a digital composite.

I am hoping to paint some foil tomorrow as a background to another piece. I bought the medium to mix with the paint to make it adhere to the foil so fingers crossed it all works for me.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Great collection here, you've got some cracking starting points, I particularly like the second one, the colours are great!! That's one of the things I love about PS is the surprise colour changes. I think the last one is my favourite and will make a very interesting composite.
What a good record, I always mean to do this but get excited and can't be bothered to stop and record it.

Purple Missus said...

Some striking images here Shirley. Especially the one with the blue background. Very dramatic.
I'm like Sharon, I get so carried away playing around with the filters that I forget to save.
Remember if you are painting the foil in layers to make sure each one is totally dry before putting on the next or they will lift off regardless of the additive.