Sunday, 6 January 2008

Not a painting BUT.....

Well with two telling me to use my snowy sheep I decided to create an image but I chickened out of painting it (for the moment anyway) and cheated creating a digital image instead.

Wonder if that horizontal snow line should be a bit lower down? Never was one for the rules.

Had my hair trimmed today, worked off a few calories by running up and down the bottom half of my staircase 30 times and now back to cutting out all those triangles for my quilt.
It isn't going to be a full quilt - more an art quilt wall hanging so it shouldn't take too long!!!


vivien said...

I'd bring more white in behind the first band of trees to continue increase the white areas and bring out the tracery of branches.

Looking good :)

sharon young said...

I like the treatment you've given this pic, Shirley, I agree with Vivien, and maybe see if the horizon looks better dropped a little, other than that the composition works very well and I like the little bit of colour that's left in the trees. Was this a PSP or PS treatment?