Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Latest developments

Firstly - the new lights are fitted in the workroom. So much brighter and lots of directed light. I still spend most of my time in my workspace in the living room. Don't like to be isolated - can't talk to OH.

Made most of the daylight doing the stitching and then it is too dark to photograph. The same thing today as yesterday but this time I have taken photos and used flash. Not exactly as it is but reasonably close to view detail.
I keep adding to the quilt but not sure it is turning out as I envisaged as yet but will keep going. I rarely give up on a piece.
The colours are not quite as they should be. They will be better in daylight.

I have used Lynda's favourite paint and colour on the cat -Golden quinacridone nickel azo gold - which was the exact colour for the clay showing through the flaking gold on the cat artefact.

The little boat is padded gold leather and free machining.

The jewellery is printed on sheer and free machined. Thinking of applying some beads.

When I was still teaching one of the history modules I had to cover was about the Ancient Egyptians. I always did a lot of research for everything I covered and so over the years I have amassed a big files of information, illustrations etc. on lots of subjects. These files are coming in very handy as resource material and in the Egyptian file I found these little men which I really like so I have used them all over the quilt. They represent all the slaves and workers and seem to work well.

In answer to the transfer foil question from Lynda - no I didn't add anything to the surface. I just used a hot mini iron and rubbed hard. It worked well as it transferred just the right amount onto the tissue paper.

After seeing Sharon's digital piece I went onto the web and sourced some Photoshop tutorials. There are a lot out there (and for PSP) and I have downloaded a few interesting ones. Would have taken too much time to look at them all so will have to look at so many at a time and see which are worth having - all free BTW.

I saw that Dover books have brought out a resource book on Leonardo DaVinci and his drawings with a CD so I have bought it - always wanted a book like this.
Must back to the quilt.


Purple Missus said...

This is looking stunning Shirley. What a difference from just the plain triangles!
Did you try the Burnt Orange too (my second favourite)? :)

sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
This is looking superb, I had a quick look this morning and loved the little men, they suit the general feel of the piece perfectly. I really do like the ebb and flow of colour and image in this piece. I think my favourite part has to be the head and people in the left hand corner.
I'm a bit lazy when it come to PS tutorials and like to have a book in front of me, also I'm a bit dense when it comes to folllowing written instructions so tend to stick to authors I know I can follow!!