Thursday, 10 January 2008

Quilt St.3 and more sheep!!

Managed to do all the machine joining of the triangles. I had to design a stitch to do this as the similar built in stitch was 9mm and when reduced the stitches were too small and dense for what I needed. It was a quick job and I have it for future use too. I prefer to design my own stitches as they fit the pieces better. I quite enjoy designing them too.

I am sorting some gold organza to stitch some digitised images to overlay. Thinking of using the sheet of hieroglyphics to make some obelisks and columns - they should be OK if I iron stabiliser on the back.

Yes Sharon I am still a member of CTDG and have written lots of new articles for our magazine.

Here is the latest 'digitised sheep'. Made the changes as suggested with a few other subtle adjustments. Anything else??


sharon young said...
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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
I'm awe-struck with this piece, I'm soooo.... frustrated that I can't see it in real life :-)
The stitch you designed looks beautiful, and so right for the purpose. What machine do you have?
When you put on your organza layer will you use Bondaweb? as I find it often leaves a shiny residue which sometimes shows on the finished piece. I wondered if Misty Fuse would be better.
The sheep look great now, I think you're there,mind you there's lots more potential to this piece if you wanted to have a series, it's a good subject and a nice composition.
I think I may have to revisit the CTDG group I had issue 51-54 so it's been a while!!
Sorry did s/thing weird with this post

Purple Missus said...

Have I missed something along the way Shirley - have you used an automated stitch pattern? I'm just thinking that all the triangles would need to be exactly placed for the stitching to be correct. Which machine do you use? I am full of admiration for you.

vivien said...

I like the composition and don't think I'd change it now :)

the quilt looks great, your machine is really impressive to someone who hasn't done much more than straight stitch and zigzag!