Thursday, 3 January 2008


Well it snowed last night a little earlier than forecast. We had to take out grandson to a birthday party up into the hills of North Yorkshire not too far from us. Flakes of snow were falling as we set off but the main road was cleared.
As we approached the village the snow was so pretty that we decided to come back to take photos once we had dropped our GS at the party.
It was a narrow but very busy road and drivers were driving at very unsuitable speeds in such conditions so it wasn't too clever to stop to take photos but we managed the following:
When we stopped to take this one - the sheep spotted us and began to head in our direction. I think they thought we had come to feed them - poor things.

As soon as we had taken this one we headed back to the party to get a warm. We hadn't even been missed.
After I had finished taking a few photos at the party my husband leaned over and said ' Pull your trousers out of your socks. You look funny'
I had tucked my trouser bottoms into my socks when taking the photos in the snow.


MargaretR said...

I love your snow photos shirley and many congratulations on your book contract. I'm sure it will be among the best.
I once had ambitions to write one too, but have never got round to it. I find all my ideas that were once new are old hat now (smile)

sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Lucky you ,not a sign of it this end yet.
Lovely pics, there's nothing quite like snow over the Yorkshire countryside. I've been completely captivated since out visit to Whitby last March. I would love to go again soon, I think it was the bast holiday since the children left home!

vivien said...

lovely photos :)

those last two combine would make a great square painting