Thursday, 17 January 2008

Finished quilt - at last!

The quilt is finished although the photograph doesn't really show much of a difference from the last one. There's no depth to show the quilted effect but posting it anyway and it will be the last time. The quilting took quite some time - wouldn't really like to do a big one. I have to put a border around it yet but will have to do that later as other things have come up.

Spent much of yesterday sourcing storage for my workroom and have ordered some drawer units. Starting clearing out some cupboards and moving things about. I spent a lot of time just standing there thinking about where and how to store things and measuring space after space.

Got a phone call from my paint mixing man to say he has managed to mix me the colours I wanted and so there will be a box of paints arriving next week, and some books and some units. A busy time when they arrive.

I also received an email from my publisher to confirm details I asked her about for the book. Need to get down to the rewrite ( or should I say expansion as the bulk of it is done). I look forward to taking the pieces down to the photographer and seeing how the professionals do it. I have to provide some photos too so will be re-photographing some pieces. All the drawings and diagrams are done.

Then I spent time organising and booking a workshop with the CTDG. I want to go to support them and to socialise with friends I normally only see once a year when I steward on our stand at the shows. Should be 2 days of playday fun.

So a funny couple of days with not much to show for it compared to some of my favourite blogs out there.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
The quilt looks wonderful,and you can just see the depth of the quilting.
What a busy time you're having at the moment, although I suspect that's nothing unusual :-)
Lucky you to see the pro's at work on your photography, it's the bain of my life!! I'm so fed up with the Nikon I'm on the point of selling it and moving over to Canon much to my OH's disgust!
It would be nice to meet up if you steward at a show near me.
I'm off to one at Sandown Park next w/e, but Iexpect that's to small for the CTDG

vivien said...

it looks lovely :)

good luck with the book - it must be exciting :)

Purple Missus said...

You seem to have packed an awful lot in to the last couple of days Shirley even though you say you haven't got much to show for it!
The quilt looks splendid, it really does.
I enjoy tidying my workroom although its normally a displacement activity :)
I guarantee that I always find something that I had 'lost' or more likely forgotten I ever had in the first place :)

Helen Suzanne said...

I like the colour graduations in this quilt shirley. the finished quilt looks great. Have you got a title for the book?