Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cutting more than the stencil

Decided to make the stencil for a Nefertiti piece today after some much needed housework. Uggg
Turned one of the Nefertiti images into a black and white image then used the effect Find edges to make my pattern.
Then I began cut out a stencil from it.

I was using a craft knife which was like a pen with a long thin blade. After a while I noticed blood on the knife. When I looked at my finger it was being cut when my fingers slid down over the edge on onto the base of the blade. A badly designed knife.
My OH then reminded me that I stopped using this particular knife because of this problem and that I had bought another one which was much safer and better. I had completely forgotten this knife and even when he reminded me of it I couldn't recall it and said he must be mistaken. He began looking for it and was insistent we had this knife and eventually I went looking , but not sure what for. Eventually we found it and only then did I remember it. Must be the age thing again. Glad he remembered it. Once found , only the stencil was cut from then on.

I can use it to stencil the different colours and overlap them using one of the designs from last week. Have a couple more ideas to work on too.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
The stencil looks great, It would also make a very good screen print image, if you had the light sensitive emulsion and a screen to do it.
I used to love screen printing at college, but have never got round to getting the equipment to do it at home.
Sorry about the finger, hope it's not too painful, it's taken over 3 weeks for my thumb to get back to normal after my Staley knife accident!!