Monday, 7 January 2008

More sheep and triangles

Had another very little play with the sheep. Moved some sheep (digital shepherd!) to make a long thin composition.

Spent some time making some more stamps to put pattern and texture onto some of the triangles. because I never waste a scrap - I always finish up with lots of extra stamps to use up the bits I've cut away. They come in useful.
This self adhesive 'funky foam' makes very good stamps and even with all the scrubbing clean after use doesn't loosen them. A couple are a bit worse for ware (the hieroglyphic ones on the right) but they have been used a lot for paint stamping and impressing into clay.

I have finished cutting out all the triangles and placed them onto our jigsaw board. The colours don't look so good on this wooden board but I needed to lay them out to keep swapping the triangles about until I am satisfied with the colour shading. They will look different again, however, when the stamping, stitching and quilting is completed over the top.

It represents Egypt with the Nile and it's delta at the top and the Aswan dam at the bottom, a hint of pyramids on the left and a hint of the Red sea on the right - just in case it isn't obvious.
About to sort the underlay for the triangles next.


sharon young said...

Wow! you have been busy Shirley. I like the new sheep
composition very much, it works well in this format, looks like you've been having great fun.
Your quilt plan looks awesome! I don't think I'd ever get this lot lined up correctly, I'd be unpicking for England!!
Is that polystyrene I see you've used to make your printing blocks? if so you've made a very neat job of carving them out!
Can't wait to see the next stage of the quilt, it looks fascinating, great colours!

Purple Missus said...

Did you actually carve the stamps on the righthand side of the photo Shirley? I've only recently come across your blog so excuse me for stating the obvious but you seem to have a fondness for Egypt and all things egyptian. Have you had a memorable holiday there or is there another reason for this fascination.

vivien said...

the digital shepherd did a great job :)

I like the format - the one thing I'd change is that I'd have a gap in the hedge at the bottom so that it isn't quite such a barrier and lets your eye move up the painting.

The quilt looks beautiful.