Wednesday, 23 January 2008


In reply to Sharon and Lynda re keeping a record when playing with digital images. I have got into the habit of doing this as I write articles about it for the magazine Design-IT so I need to do it for that and because one of the things I stress readers to do is to make a note of what you are doing and of the settings. I well remember not doing this when I got carried away with applying filters and when I wanted to reproduce an effect to use it I couldn't because I didn't know what the setting were.

I did the foil painting yesterday and thank you Lynda - I did let the paint dry well before I gave a second coat. I didn't use kitchen foil - thought I would experiment with packaging foil so I used the large bag from a Cadbury's mini chocolate range and the packaging from Yorkshire fruit cake - which was delicious. I scrunched them up first.
I stuck the Cadbury one to a piece of craft vilene which was colour washed and sized first as it soaked up the glue medium like a sponge.

I decided to paint the cake foil before I stuck it onto a backing. I used Stewart Gill Alchemy paints for it as I really need to use them up. They are starting to dry out and they were too expensive to let this happen.
It definitely needed two coats for these paints but they did cover and have adhered well. Don't know what I am going to do with it yet.
Once I had glued the Cadbury foil to the backing I pressed it under a heavy book until it was dry. Then I painted it with acrylic paints.

I think Lynda will guess which paints I have used here. I did, however, add a touch of gold metallic to it too. It isn't finished yet - may dry brush over it or stamp onto it.

While I was sorting out storage ready for my new units , I came across a pile of paper bags stored away - the fancy ones craft and fabric shops use. They have been there for years. They have some lovely designs and colours on them and I remembered that I was going to use them to create paper fabric. Two of the bags jumped out at me - not literally! - and so while I was preparing the foil I decided to do the same to the bags. These are the two bags which are well on the way to completion but I will post the workshop for them on another blog.

This morning my new storage units arrived. I managed to unpack them and cut up all the card from the three large boxes, tie it all up and put it out ready for the recycle wagon which was due this morning. Then spent the rest of the day deciding where and how to arrange them and what to store where in them. Still ongoing but getting there. It will be nice being able to get at my supplies easily and seeing what I have especially the things I have forgotten I had - fancy paper bags!!! for instance.


Purple Missus said...

The foils are looking good Shirley. You will know which one is my favourite :)
I like the idea of recycling sweet/cake wrappers. This could be a whole new project on its own.
Don't leave us too long with the paper bags workshop. I thought you were going to use them as transfer paints. Remember that trick?

sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
What a great post, love the idea of using the Cadbury papers, it seem to have taken the paint well, thanks for the great pics, makes it so much easier to see what you're doing, just love that orange!!
I thought the same as Lynda, I've got a pile of these too, always thinking I'll do something with them.