Saturday, 1 December 2007

Egyptiant Hangings

Finished a couple more pieces for the Egyptian project. Like one not quite so keen on the other.

Spent a lot of time preparing images for the revamped web site. Had to take some new photos as some of the ones I had were taken a long time ago and not of suitable quality to put on site.
Some could not be retaken as they were under glass and I did not want to open them up - I have enough work on without that extra task.

Had grandson sleep over and OH away at the NEC motorbike show.

I am also turning one of the Nefertiti bust profile pieces into a bag. Looking good so far.
Have also done prep to make an Egyptian tassel. This project continues to grow.

Brought in Workshop on the web last night or should I say this morning. Had a quick look at it - there's one article I particularly like. Have done something similar in the past but it has reminded me and I think it could come in for another Egyptian piece.

Back to the bag.....

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
These are looking good, I like the vertical format it suits the single image on each piece.

I think you've definitely made the right decision to persevere with DW as these template sites really do bloat the code and make them very slow to load. I'm definitely going to redo my site in GoLive.

I've been looking at WoW too, think I might join up as there are so many techniques I don't know anything about.

Looking forward to seeing the bag, sounds interesting!