Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Have finished the Egyptian tassel and like it. The air dried clay makes excellent motifs and I am becoming very fond of these blues, jades and aqua colours.
The tassel head has two sides - one complete and one slightly distressed.
I used gold waxing over the painted clay but was too impatient to let it totally dry so when I had finished the tassel I had to apply the gold waxing again. It is now hanging up to dry thoroughly this time.

I am now going to play with my new printer and see what it can do. I use pigment inks in this printer so am going to see how it prints on Lutradur which will take pigment based colour. Then I can stitch and blast with the heat gun or more me - carefully with the soldering iron.
I have just embossed some patinated self adhesive metal shim which was a trial but has turned out so nice I need to use it. Not sure how yet.
I used this shim to make a necklace and it is really effective. Can't post a photo as it is in the book!
Hope to post something from the Lutradur trial ...... tomorrow????

A quick PS : printed on Lutradur using both printers - one with dye inks and the other with pigment inks. Both printed.
The dye inks stay wet on exit but dry using the hair dryer - colour strong enough but the image is a bit fuzzy.
The pigment ink exits dry and the image is much sharper.
So - if you intend to stitch and zap - it doesn't really matter - does it??


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
The tassell looks gorgeous, love the colour. What are you going to use it for, do you know yet?

Interesting trials with the different inks, I often wondered what the dyes were like. I seem to remember that when I was at college we were told you could use a dye sublimation printer to do image transfer with an iron, never did it so I don't know if it works.

vivien said...

these are lovely and the colour is beautiful - I'm curious about what you'll do with them too. :)