Saturday, 15 December 2007

Finished book and other things

An up and down few days.
I have now finished the book although I don't know what am going to use it for yet but that doesn't matter as it is part of my Ancient Egyptian project.
It has turned out really well considering that it began with a printing test. The rest is another 'go with the flow'.This is a close up of some of the detail. The tags were finished at about 2.30am and the lining paper chosen and applied this morning (after a sleep!!!)

It was my grandson's birthday yesterday so we had a family party. I made him a card with a clue on it for his present from us. He worked it out pretty quickly. Unfortunately the weather and road surfaces are still heavily covered in ice so he can't try it out. His granddad made a stand for it so at least he can sit on it. He's coming to sleep over tonight instead of last night. We are going to put the tree and decorations up together.

Huge up and downs with the web site. It was almost complete on Monday but I made some adjustments to it and messed up although my programmer friend said it was more DW trying to help and is often more of a hindrance than a help. He came to sort it and I have now practised some of the editing etc. and he is coming again to finalise it this weekend. He also wanted me to create a little logo - the kind you see at the start of bookmarks and in the address window to add to the site (finishing touches!!). He's getting carried away with it. They have to be 16 x 16 pixels and 16bit col. Very small but I have managed to create my logo on it. There is a final adjustment to make to the images on the first page which messed up when he programmed the text to wrap them and adjust whatever the screen size which is done and ready to upload when he has checked it - he doesn't like where DW puts the images - not good for the web he says (I need to see what he does with them and make a note for future images outside of the slideshows). He has also protected my contact link from being picked up by spammers.
I am now trying to pull back from saying -'is it possible to do.....' which it always is but with time to programme it.

I must begin making the trees and bushes for my GS's model railway - part of my Xmas present for him. Then I can get back to finishing my project. Only a couple more pieces to go.

PS - site is complete and running - at last -and I have learned a lot - a very steep learning curve and I am still near the bottom of the slope.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
The book looks lovely,now it's finished, I love the cartouches.
It would make a great book to record your pics of all the projects you've done within this theme.
The web site looks fantastic, great achievement and well worth the effort.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Purple Missus said...

Wow - where do I start?
This book is fabulous, you must be very pleased with it.
And the website layout is stunning. So much of your wonderful work on there to drool over. I love all your photography too. Really looking forward to the publication of your book, definitely one for the collection.
One question though, what is it you bought your grandson? I can't find any mention only that the roads are icy so he can't use it but grandad has made a stand so he can sit on it! I'm guessing its a bicycle :)

vivien said...

this is absolutely gorgeous - and it's nice to 'go with the flow' ! most of my work ends up that way :)