Tuesday, 18 December 2007

What to do??

Once again - decisions !!
Tried out embossing a patina metal shim over a rubber stamp to see how detailed it would be. It embossed quite well considering it has a paper backing (the shim is self adhesive).
Cut it out with a random edge and now????
Found some of the old faithful tea dyed scrim still to use up (last bit!) and now it is a case of laying it out with different fibres and bits etc. until something rings design bells and then ' go with the flow' again. A material led piece.

My daughter is getting me some artificial grass bits to glue and sprinkle around the bottom of the trees I made yesterday and then they can be wrapped up for Xmas.

I spent ages this morning choosing colours of metallic paints from a place I know who has a man who mixes them and can mix a colour to order for a lot less than the big names in acrylic paints. Had my list and request for a few extra colours if he can manage to mix them - phoned - closed for the Xmas break - back January 2nd - anticlimax! (that's polite for the word I wanted to use)
Not that I NEED more paints - just would LIKE more paints.
Will try again in the new year unless I am over that compulsive urge to add to my stockpile. This has arisen from buying Sherrill Kahn's latest book - Creative Embellishments. Colour, colour , colour springs to mind.

Can avoid it no longer - must get back to the decision making thing.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
This looks fascinating!! I haven't a clue what the technique is , I don't know anything about embossing.
Can't wait to see what you do next!!
Sherrill Kahn's latest book sounds good, maybe it might be useful for the colour module. I'm at the very early stages of making paper colour studies from mag cuttings etc. at the moment, so could do with a little inspiration!!