Saturday, 29 December 2007

All sorts - not liquorice

Bits of all sorts today - working on several designs at once. Machined out 3 digitised images in white on white ready to paint and then highlight with a gold leafing pen. They will form the head of a tassel type hanging.

Then I began a layer for another piece - staining some paper with a sepia stamping ink pad then overstaining this with walnut ink. I then created a page of hieroglyphics and printed them over the top of the staining. This sheet will be torn up into small pieces to go behind some motifs when I decide how they will be created.
Then I digitised some text and machined each letter out to make mobiles for the hanging. I still have one letter to stitch out.

The next bit is for Sharon.
The thread I told you about is around £7 - £7.50 (<1000m -20g) per reel for the lge size and £2 -£2.50 (200m) for the small reel - depending where you buy it.
Here is a close up of a tassel top I made for some themed tassels - still to be completed. I have created winter and the oceans and this one for autumn where you can see that particular thread.
As you can see - it is perfect for autumn and in particular - oak leaves.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
You are a busy bee, no wonder you've got enough material for a book. This new project looks great. Love the distressed look on the hyrogliphics. I'm making a shopping list for the web tonight as my lovely DD gave me a very generous Xmas bonus so I'll be able to buy all the stuff we've been discussing and start some real experimenting!
The thread looks perfect! I would love to live near to you and see some of your amazing work in the flesh!
BTW the Sorbello stitch looks superb!!! Never heard of it will have to look it up.