Saturday, 8 December 2007

Dancers on Lutradur

In answer to the query - what do I intend to do with the tassels - well they are just part of a project. I often do projects on a theme and investigate how many different techniques, materials and mediums etc. etc. I can use to interpret the theme. It will usually include panels, boxes, bags, books, hangings, jewellery, whatever I come up with. I also include digital collages now and print them out onto appropriate surfaces.
I have produced in excess of 30 pieces to date for this project with a few more to go. These projects make very good sources for talks to embroidery groups as they include so many different techniques that there is always something to appeal to most of the members.

Which brings me to the current piece for today's blog. This was the testing of Lutradur for printing. Testing over, two prints are now to be incorporated onto a book cover having managed to blend them together. The photo was taken under a small table light and the reading was very slow in spite of the high iso setting etc to counter it - don't much like flash. I does show how nice the two images turned out which was the intention. I have free machined the hair and painted the robes with a pearlised medium which can be added to any paints to give a pearlised effect. Nice on it's own too.

Not sure yet how I am going to proceed and how much to layer up. They look quite nice as they are but I feel I need to do more. Will have to raid the store, lay some stuff on top and look at at it all for a while. Its decision, decisions again.


Karen Hall said...

i love your dancers

sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
This piece was well worth waiting for, it looks super! and the hair has worked a treat! I was very interested to hear how you approach your work, it sounds as if you easily have enough pieces to stage a one woman exhibition!!! but what a nice talk you must be able to give with all the experimenting you have done, shame I don't live nearer!