Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Web site!!!!!!

Well my computer and programming expert came last night and whew - my head is swimming. He is setting up templates for me to add my images etc. He does it all in code!!!! I have learned how to use layers/divs so that should make it easier. Sounds good doesn't it? Lets hope I can do my bit as well. He is coming back to finish it off and then......! Lots of images still to prepare.

Managed to photograph another piece this morning before the skies darkened again. Purely made this one up as I went along - rummaged through stock and just let it grow. Colour ruled this one I think - the only connection to Ancient Egypt are the motifs and stamping - could have been anything although I have used a blue background for the Blue Nile!!!

Back to some machining while there is some daylight and then on to those images for the web site.

Have redesigned my opening page AGAIN - think I will stick with this one - like it the best.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Help at last! I bet you're relieved to get some proper web site input at last, lets hope uploading the pics goes smoothly.

Lovely colours in this piece, that's a beautiful Nile blue :-) !