Friday, 29 February 2008

and here's another one!

As I am so busy with this photography - I thought I had better post the other book to keep them together.
These are the bags I started with.
This time I am using the oak leaves bag.
Opened flat and ironed

I made the lining from pelmet vilene colour washed and stamped with two different oak leaf stamps and metallic paint.

The paper was sealed with a coat of acrylic wax.

Then I made some sheer leaves cut out with a soldering iron and some some free machined leaves on 'spinwebpaper' and sheer and again cut out with the soldering iron.
These were all applied and beaded onto the paper bag before sticking it to the lining.

Once stuck I satin stitched around the edges.and folded it in half to make a book cover.

The finished book.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Paper bag books

As I haven't posted for a couple of days, I thought I would post the results of the paper bags I did a while back.
If you remember I began with a couple of paper bags which I had saved many moons ago because I liked them.

I will post just one of them for this blog and do the other tomorrow or whenever.

I opened the bag and ironed it flat.
I used some pelmet vilene for the inside and sized it first with a coat of thin pva. Then I painted it and stamped it.

Next I glued the paper bag to the lining, painted the veins on the leaves with gold paint and gave it a coat of acrylic wax.

I satin stitched around the edges and folded it into a padfolio so that the leaves lined up.

Next I made an acetate pineapple to attach to the front to use as an opening flap.

I drew the pineapple from the padfolio onto some soluble fabric and layered up some sheer fabric and some acetate sheet. I free machined the pinapple with gold thread.
I used a soldering iron to cut out the pinapple and then washed away the soluble fabric.

The pineapple was then stitched onto the front of the padfolio overlapping the join.

A piece of dyed organza ribbon fastened the padfolio closed.


Saturday, 23 February 2008

That Egyptian curse again

Today it was too dull to take any photographs so while my GS was busy building a ski resort on his computer which is based in our workroom I decided to work on the book I planned using one of the stencilled pieces of Nefertiti.
I found an old ring binder which had a very strange arrangement for the rings - they didn't fit any hole system I have come across so with some force and manipulation I eventually managed to remove the ring system and secure another more conventional one in its place. (I keep old ring systems from old files for making books.)
Next I cut a piece of rayon velvet and marked out where the stencil would go. Then the curse set in.
I wanted to use transfer foil so I began with Misty fuse. It worked OK on my tiny sample but... I laid it onto the velvet under the stencil - the idea being to have a weblike stencil of Nefertiti on the velvet. The idea is OK - that will work but the webbing stuck itself to the stencil and pulled off the velvet too which I didn't think it would do so I had all that to remove. I think it would work really well if I had made the stencil from either Teflon sheet or baking parchment. Something to try in the future!!!! or not after this.
I had another go and made the classic mistake of placing the transfer foil the wrong way up. Had all that to clean up. Tried again and guess what??? Yes - can you believe it - I did the same again. Cleaned up and gave up. Back to GS and a jigsaw puzzle.

I had a recovery job to do which is now ongoing and it is looking OK. I have used some bronzing powder paint sponged over the velvet and I did with trepidation use the transfer foil over it and yes - I did it correctly this time. Then I sprinkled some patina bronze mica flakes over this followed by a layer of bronze sheer which will keep walking over the velvet at the slightest touch. Frustrating!
It is all pinned ready for the stitching and maybe heat blasted. The stencilled panel was gently rubbed with bronze wax to tone down the yellow card which didn't quite tone in. This is covered with some Japanese tissue paper containing silver and gold flecks and swirls of fibre. It will be stitched in place with some braid around the edges.
I took a couple of quick photos which are not too sharp but give an idea of what I am doing. The reflection from the tissue shiny surface cuts down the effect but the stencilled Nefertiti shows up better than in the photo.

I have to decide how I am going to stitch over the surface but must eat first and then finish processing yesterdays photos and some of my OH's photos from the motor show last month.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I have had some spam comments on my blog so have change the comment settings. What a shame these people have nothing better to do!!!

I have set up the tripod and camera to take the photos for my book. I am working through them slowly. There are such a lot of images in the book that it is going to take some time to complete. It takes quite a lot of time processing them too. I am trying to get the exact representation and colours so lots of trials and retakes. No time for anything else so nothing much to blog about.

My GS had to make a bird feeder and write about it for his half term holiday homework. We made it yesterday and he hung it up and took a photograph of it today.
He has written the account in Word and can now add the image and email it to his teacher.

He tried for his silver award in swimming today and was upset that he didn't get it. He did the long swim part last week - 32 lengths (16 front crawl and 16 backcrawl). Some swim for his age and size.
He had to do a speed swim today (4 lengths I think) and was half a length short when his time was up. He did manage some of the other skills today (recover a brick from the bottom of the pool etc) so is determined to try again next week to fullfil the rest. I am so pleased with his attitude and determination especially as I can't swim and am not at all fond of water.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Black lace box

I had some spam in the comments of my blog yesterday. It linked to a pharmaceutical drug site. I deleted it and hope I don't get any more. At least this one wasn't porn like some bloggers have had!!! Sick and sad aren't they??

Finished the box last night but too late to photograph. Almost left it too late today - other things again. But I have taken them and they are OK - just.
I didn't make the little purse that Lynda posted as I couldn't bring myself to cut off the big corners and waste any so it is a conventional shape which wasted only a 12cm by 0.7cm strip. Can't help being so frugal - I've always been that way.
I did, however, come up with a new way to form the box and be able to store it flat especially as space in my home is now at a premium. Not sure it shows all that well on the images.
I used the painted foil shown on a previous post 'Diversions'. I gave it a brushing of black oil stick and let it dry. Then overlaid it with black voile mache - a favourite of mine. It is a very very delicate and soft web like fabric - quite strong too. It took away some of the shine from the painted foil.
The lining and backing pellon was colour washed then sponged with acrylic metallic paints.
I then went for a rummage and found some old black lace. This was put over the top and I free machined over all the flower lace design before satin stitching the edges.
I right and left buttonhole stitched the sides of the box together - hence the sore fingers. I have now designed a machine stitch to do this for me next time.
I stitched beads and sequins in the centres of the flowers.

The lid was cut a fraction bigger than the bottom so that I could add a flap which would close over the front.

I used a decorative black metallic thread underneath so that the flower lace design which I free machined on the top of the lid would be replicated on the inside of the lid.

The box is formed by a new idea I had. I crocheted a chain using black metallic fingering. Then I made small buttonhole loops on the top side edges of each of the sides and one on the centre front.

I threaded the chain through all the loops then pulled the sides up and fastened with a bow. To store, I simply unfasten the bow, tease out the chain letting the sides fall flat and store the whole box flat. The chain looks quite nice sitting along the top edges of the sides.
Apologies for the depth of field - all done in a rush. Hope you can see how I did it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Other things

Haven't had time to blog for a while - busy with other things.
Had some badges to sew onto my GS's cub uniform and to teach him how to sew some on for himself. He managed to sew on a couple of badges and was initiated into the sewing world with a pricked finger. He carried on afterwards so he wasn't put off.

Have finished the text for the book so I can now embark on the photography. I have to choose 85 of the pieces for the professional photographer to take.

My OH has had his eye operation and the cataract has been removed. He is so amazed at how well he can see now. He was very apprehensive about having the procedure but he said he felt nothing at all and has had no after effects either - what a relief.

Went to watch my GS school concert this afternoon. Ahhhh

Have been working on a box using the other sheet of painted foil- almost finished. I have rather sore fingers from stitching the box pieces together. Going to design a machine stitch which will do it for me. Just have the beading to do.

Just received a request to do a workshop for an embroidery group. Will have to have a think about that and what I will do.

A few more jobs before bed!!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Stencilling Nefertiti

Went to see my grandson be enrolled into the cubs last night. Ahhhhhh making his promise and giving the cub salute Ahhhhhh.

Had a bit of a play with the Nefertiti stencil - not sure where they are going yet.
This one is stencilled on yellow card and I have covered it will a Japanese tissue - have a vague idea what I might do next.

I played with different mediums for the blue one - used some lustre waxes and some green interference paint and a green iridescent twinkling H2O - some had one over the other. Again - don't know what to do with this one or if I will do anything.

I scanned this one so it doesn't show the colours all that well as they are all reflective. I had to dye down the blue card too to get a darker blue and I also sealed it with a thin coat of acrylic matt medium. It has bowed it a bit in spite of being pressed.

Have reached the last chapter of the book which will have the most changes in it so back to that now.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

1st February blog

My first February blog.

I have been giving most of my time this last week getting on with my book. Once the momentum is there I like to keep going.
However, I have had a bit of a play. I finger brushed the orangey painted foil (see earlier blog) with a black lustre wax to dull down the surface but it wouldn't dry so I tried rubbing the surface of the blue painted foil with a dark blue oil stick to see if that would dry. This did dry so I wiped the black wax off and used a black oil stick instead and it has dried and is ready to use.
I also did some stencilling with the Nefertiti stencil which is ongoing.

Today I decided to turn the blue painted foil into a piece. It was small so I decided to make it a little note book cover. As it was blue I decided to make it a sea background. I had peviously made some nautilus stamps with funky foam so I used one of them to stamp blue skeleton nautilus shells over the background. I covered this with a piece of blue nylon chiffon to tone down the shine.

Next I cut a piece of blue felt for the lining. I used a silver liquid marker pen to draw more skeleton shells onto the felt rather than stamp them.
I bonded the three layers together with free machined waves using a silver metallic thread.

I wanted something for the front cover so decided to create some dangling nautilus shells. I had already digitised some nautilus shells for a previous piece so used one of them and stitched out 3 shells on blue felt. I used a metallic holographic thread to catch the light rather like the inside of a nautilus shell.
I used a Madeira silver braid to make the hangers for the shells after they were cut out. I secured them to the inside top edge ready to be enclosed in the edge stitching.

I also attached the paper holding braid to the top and bottom of the back inside edges - again to enclose them in the edging.
Then I satin stitched around the edges with a blue and black flecked metallic thread which behaved itself beautifully thanks to my new thread guide (care of OH).

I made a starter page for the inside to show how the thread holders work. You can also see the lining.
I stitched my logo and the book was finished.

I had considered distressing the surface and using embossing powders but when I did a test on an empty wrapper realised that it isn't metal foil it is plastic and so 'melts'. I was too interested to see how the embossing powders would look sothank goodness I tested first. It wasn't that I didn't know it was plastic - I have used this before as it distorts similar to Tyvek - I just wasn't thinking.

Back to the book - should get another chapter revised tonight.