Thursday, 14 February 2008

Black lace box

I had some spam in the comments of my blog yesterday. It linked to a pharmaceutical drug site. I deleted it and hope I don't get any more. At least this one wasn't porn like some bloggers have had!!! Sick and sad aren't they??

Finished the box last night but too late to photograph. Almost left it too late today - other things again. But I have taken them and they are OK - just.
I didn't make the little purse that Lynda posted as I couldn't bring myself to cut off the big corners and waste any so it is a conventional shape which wasted only a 12cm by 0.7cm strip. Can't help being so frugal - I've always been that way.
I did, however, come up with a new way to form the box and be able to store it flat especially as space in my home is now at a premium. Not sure it shows all that well on the images.
I used the painted foil shown on a previous post 'Diversions'. I gave it a brushing of black oil stick and let it dry. Then overlaid it with black voile mache - a favourite of mine. It is a very very delicate and soft web like fabric - quite strong too. It took away some of the shine from the painted foil.
The lining and backing pellon was colour washed then sponged with acrylic metallic paints.
I then went for a rummage and found some old black lace. This was put over the top and I free machined over all the flower lace design before satin stitching the edges.
I right and left buttonhole stitched the sides of the box together - hence the sore fingers. I have now designed a machine stitch to do this for me next time.
I stitched beads and sequins in the centres of the flowers.

The lid was cut a fraction bigger than the bottom so that I could add a flap which would close over the front.

I used a decorative black metallic thread underneath so that the flower lace design which I free machined on the top of the lid would be replicated on the inside of the lid.

The box is formed by a new idea I had. I crocheted a chain using black metallic fingering. Then I made small buttonhole loops on the top side edges of each of the sides and one on the centre front.

I threaded the chain through all the loops then pulled the sides up and fastened with a bow. To store, I simply unfasten the bow, tease out the chain letting the sides fall flat and store the whole box flat. The chain looks quite nice sitting along the top edges of the sides.
Apologies for the depth of field - all done in a rush. Hope you can see how I did it.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
What a wonderful box, it's very exotic, love the black lace over the red foil, and the structure you've designed is brilliant.
Voile mache sound exciting, never heard of that one, i presume it's a fabric.
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I was delighted with my bargain book, I'm sure it will be invaluable.

Purple Missus said...

Oooh, this box is fabulous Shirley. As Sharon said, very exotic. It also puts me in mind of Spain when I look at it - don't ask me why :)
I love the idea of the black lace over the foil, I bet it looks amazing close up.