Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I have had some spam comments on my blog so have change the comment settings. What a shame these people have nothing better to do!!!

I have set up the tripod and camera to take the photos for my book. I am working through them slowly. There are such a lot of images in the book that it is going to take some time to complete. It takes quite a lot of time processing them too. I am trying to get the exact representation and colours so lots of trials and retakes. No time for anything else so nothing much to blog about.

My GS had to make a bird feeder and write about it for his half term holiday homework. We made it yesterday and he hung it up and took a photograph of it today.
He has written the account in Word and can now add the image and email it to his teacher.

He tried for his silver award in swimming today and was upset that he didn't get it. He did the long swim part last week - 32 lengths (16 front crawl and 16 backcrawl). Some swim for his age and size.
He had to do a speed swim today (4 lengths I think) and was half a length short when his time was up. He did manage some of the other skills today (recover a brick from the bottom of the pool etc) so is determined to try again next week to fullfil the rest. I am so pleased with his attitude and determination especially as I can't swim and am not at all fond of water.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Well done to your GS for such a fantastic effort, an amazing feat of stamina, and terrific courage to have a go next week for the speed swim, wish him good luck from me :-)
The bird feeder looks great, isn't it fun when we have to get our heads round these projects that they want/have to do!!
Sounds like a long job on the photos, I find the colour matching the very hardest thing to do and try to do as much as pos in the camera.
Thanks for your comments on my blog post, will have to sort out a lying down/sitting mat for the photography sessions.