Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Other things

Haven't had time to blog for a while - busy with other things.
Had some badges to sew onto my GS's cub uniform and to teach him how to sew some on for himself. He managed to sew on a couple of badges and was initiated into the sewing world with a pricked finger. He carried on afterwards so he wasn't put off.

Have finished the text for the book so I can now embark on the photography. I have to choose 85 of the pieces for the professional photographer to take.

My OH has had his eye operation and the cataract has been removed. He is so amazed at how well he can see now. He was very apprehensive about having the procedure but he said he felt nothing at all and has had no after effects either - what a relief.

Went to watch my GS school concert this afternoon. Ahhhh

Have been working on a box using the other sheet of painted foil- almost finished. I have rather sore fingers from stitching the box pieces together. Going to design a machine stitch which will do it for me. Just have the beading to do.

Just received a request to do a workshop for an embroidery group. Will have to have a think about that and what I will do.

A few more jobs before bed!!

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
Good to hear all's going well with the book prep, looking forward the publication, I've never know an author before :-)
So glad your OH"s opp went well, it's always a worry, you'll be off to buy the second D300 now then LOL.
My GS has just moved up to Scouts, I think he much prefers it as he'd outgrown cubs. Well done to your GS for persevering with the hand stitch it's not easy to learn.
Looking forward to seeing the box.