Friday, 29 February 2008

and here's another one!

As I am so busy with this photography - I thought I had better post the other book to keep them together.
These are the bags I started with.
This time I am using the oak leaves bag.
Opened flat and ironed

I made the lining from pelmet vilene colour washed and stamped with two different oak leaf stamps and metallic paint.

The paper was sealed with a coat of acrylic wax.

Then I made some sheer leaves cut out with a soldering iron and some some free machined leaves on 'spinwebpaper' and sheer and again cut out with the soldering iron.
These were all applied and beaded onto the paper bag before sticking it to the lining.

Once stuck I satin stitched around the edges.and folded it in half to make a book cover.

The finished book.


sharon young said...

This is really effective, Shirley, the extra leaves in FME look perfect over the top, and what a great bag to start with.
Your machine does a beautiful satin stitch.

Helen Suzanne said...

oh those sheer leaves are so effective, i love them , and the result.

Purple Missus said...

Fabulous Shirley. Those leaves are wonderful. Tell me, where do you get those lovely bags from?