Thursday, 7 February 2008

Stencilling Nefertiti

Went to see my grandson be enrolled into the cubs last night. Ahhhhhh making his promise and giving the cub salute Ahhhhhh.

Had a bit of a play with the Nefertiti stencil - not sure where they are going yet.
This one is stencilled on yellow card and I have covered it will a Japanese tissue - have a vague idea what I might do next.

I played with different mediums for the blue one - used some lustre waxes and some green interference paint and a green iridescent twinkling H2O - some had one over the other. Again - don't know what to do with this one or if I will do anything.

I scanned this one so it doesn't show the colours all that well as they are all reflective. I had to dye down the blue card too to get a darker blue and I also sealed it with a thin coat of acrylic matt medium. It has bowed it a bit in spite of being pressed.

Have reached the last chapter of the book which will have the most changes in it so back to that now.

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sharon young said...

These are lovely, Shirley, I particularly like the top one, it's very striking, and the composition is perfect, I think I'd leave it as it is if it were mine.