Sunday, 9 March 2008

Cyber Fyber post card

Well, the book and all the photography is complete. The jewellery for the photographer has been packed, named, labelled with instructions etc and the rest of the jewellery has been packed away.
I can now put my mind to other things.
The first thing on the list was a card for the Cyber Fyber exhibition which I finally decided to join. I received my ATC from Susan very quickly with a lovely email from her.
I began to plan my return when my OH suggested I use some metal shim - don't know why but it gave me an idea. I decided to make a smaller version of one of my Egyptian Nefertiti profile pieces as Susan had been on my blog and commented that she too liked Egyptian art. I had put an image of one of Nefertit's busts into the filters in Phtoshop and came up with a lot of ideas most of which I have used in my project.
One of this effects suggested a mask which I have interpreted in many ways one of which was using metal shim.
As I began planning it, it became obvious that it would be better done on the post card size so I emailed Susan and asked if that was OK. She said that was fine but - bless her- she was concerned that I had only received a small ATC and not a larger post card.
I made a stencil and a tracing of the profile in the size I needed. I created the shim part of the card first using copper shim burnished in a flame to bring out the lovely colours. Then I painted the craft vilene backing with byzantine blue metallic paint - very rich. I also free machined my name on this in copper thread although I wish I had used a lighter colour as it doesn't stand out too well. I cut a piece of blue satin fabric and using a copper bronzing powder, sponged the outline of the lower part of the stencil.
Then I vermicelli stitched the surrounding surface of the satin and satin stitched the two pieces together.
Finally I applied the metal shim mask.
It has now occurred to me that it will have to be well packed as it would be spoiled if it were bent in transit. I never do things simply!!! I like it though and so will pay the extra postage to get it there safely.
And here it is -


sharon young said...

Wow!! What a great efect you've created here, Shirley, the metal shim looks like a second skin, or maybe a mask. Aren't these multi coloured metalic threads great! The whole piece works beautifully together.

Doreen G said...

What a fantastic ATC Shirley I am sure Susan will love it.

Purple Missus said...

Fantastic piece of art Shirley. Very effective.
I bet it feels good that you have now finished your book. Looking forward to the release date.

vivien said...

good luck with the book :)

it must be a fantastic high when you see the first copy