Sunday, 4 November 2007

Photos & design

Finished the tags and have designed the header for them which I hope to make tomorrow. There are too many to post all of the photos - here are a few of them.

They have backs too and they will be hung from a main piece all at different levels. There are 9 altogether.
The header will be layered up with fibres, sheers, stamping, maching and then blasted with the heat gun. Hmmmm - hope what is in my mind works out.

I have also created more possible opening pages for my web site. Once this decision has been made it is all systems go to begin Dreamweaver proper.
I have decided to scrap the spectrum logo and designed a simpler one.

Here is a photo for Sharon. My husband took 2 photos side by side and I made them into this panorama using CS3. I cropped all the upper areas and some of the foreground of the photo to make it a letterbox panorama. An impressive piece of software isn't it? I used to do it the long way - stitching and blending the two which I had done so I was able to compare the two and there was almost no difference so I was very impressed with the software.
I am off to set up the header for the tab hangings now ready to stitch out tomorrow.

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sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
My word! No wonder you said you were having fun with this project, these are great, especially the pink one . Can't wait to see where these are going!
Great pic I love the angle it was taken from.
You were right on both counts with the pic I took, the 2 pics i stitched were side by side and the lost 2 were the ones I took straight into the sun!
The photomerge couldn't find a pixel match. I didn't use a tripod because I was travelling light that day , but that camera is remarkably sensative to camera shake considering it comes with biult in IS.