Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Completed tags

The Tags piece is finished although not quite as I had envisaged. When I laid out the tags to look at them - I did it on my window ledge and so they were side by side - I liked the way they looked so decided to keep them that way. The header was made to fit this arrangement.
I couldn't blast it with the heat gun as the fibres were synthetic and would have melted so I removed some of the sheer carefully with the soldering iron and a large pin. Could have done this better if I could have found my glasses and magnifying lenses. Searched the whole house for hours. Today my husband found them - inside one of my bead storage boxes!!!! The age thing again.
As each tag has a back as well as a front - so it can also be hung as a mobile.

1 comment:

sharon young said...

What a beautiful piece, the bright colours really suit the hanging as it will turn in the air and the light will pick up on all the shiney elements. I love the verticle arrangement too. What next?