Sunday, 18 November 2007

Grandson time

Spent all yesterday with my grandson and in the afternoon we created a picture for his bedroom wall. I showed him how to mix the paint and create a colour wash for the sea then he added paint to stamps to add dolphins, starfish and waves to the background.
He came up with the idea of using several colours of paint on each stamp to add more interest - that pleased me.
He also had to learn to do the cleaning of the brushes and stamps - look after your equipment.
Hopefully in time we can build up to creating a larger mural of mixed media.
His parents came to collect him so I didn't get to take a photo.

The rest of the time was spent preparing images and thumbnails for my website.
I did get some time to start building the layers of another piece.
I had applied some tea dyed scrim to a sheet of thin card with pva. I am now using a darker stained scrim to create pyramids and texure in the background ready for the painted model magic clay accents which I posted a few days ago.
It is looking promising so far.

Oh and on Friday we went out to do some photography and took a series of photos to create a panorama.
I managed to stitch them together today - 6 of them - this CS3 is brilliant.

I took some very useful photos of beech trees now in full copper dress. Looking forward to using them.
When I was opening the raw files I increased the black to give the views into the woods a more dramatic and mysterious effect. The sun was streaking across at a low angle keeping the floor a rich copper colour. A good days results.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
What a lovely session you had with your grandson, such a shame no time for pics though :-( I'd have really liked to see the results.
Great panorama, it's a fantasticly wide shot with 6 pics.
I'm extremely impressed that you use raw files, I haven't been brave enough yet to have a go. I only have CS so would have to download a converter, but I think that's free.
Looking forward to seeing the new project.

vivien said...

I've bookmarked your site - your work is absolutely beautiful! the bags are fabulous - I wish I had half your skill with needles.