Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Finished Nefertiti book

I have at last finished the stencilled Nefertiti book. When I returned to it, after finishing all the photography, I was again unhappy with it and unpicked a lot of the stitching. It was basically a problem with the pile of the velvet. Eventually, using some choice words of encouragement, pinning and repinning, I managed to finish it.

This was the stage which caused so much hassle.

This is the finished book open showing
the front, back and spine.

This is the finished front. The panel was stitched on and framed with some metallic copper braid.
This piece definitely had the Egyptian curse on it.

I have taken a booking to give a talk later in the year on this project so I am now making more pieces. I made two small pieces today and hope to photograph and post them tomorrow.


sharon young said...

Hi Shirley
What a great book cover, it was really interesting to see the progression of this project.
Velvet and metalics must be the very worst combibation, and not just for the stitching, the photography's pretty frustrating too.
Good luck with the talk, wish I could be there:-(
BTW I've bought the macro, many thankks for your help.

Karen Hall said...

Shirley - How lovely, despite the frustration it has turned out very well

Purple Missus said...

In may have been cursed at the start but it turned out superb at the end Shirley.
Is it silk velvet that you used? It looks like it in the photo and thats always a pig to work with.