Monday, 17 March 2008

More mini panels

The frogs are still busy in the pond and there is more and more spawn appearing.

Had another lovely weekend with my grandson.

I have finished a few more mini panels for the Egyptians project which will now be a talk for a local guild in October.
The first one used a piece of serendipity paper which was almost too nice to cover up. Some of these papers turn out better than if I tried to create them intentionally rather than by using up paint on brushes and sponges before washing them. It was backed with iron on vilene to strengthen it for stitching.
The main centre part was created by wetting some hat shaping mesh and drying it over a rubber stamp to take the relief then painting it with acrylic paint and highlighting it with a gold leafing pen. I put dyed silk fibres and gold mesh over the surface of the paper and placed the motif in the centre. The motif was covered with a layer of sheer fabric then free machined in place with gold thread and surface hand stitching to pick out detail.
I used a machine pattern to stitch a frame around the motif and at the same time fasten down the fibres. Two bead dangles were attached and tiny beads dotted around. It was mounted on a piece of green card.

The next piece used dyed silk mohair fibres, synthetic fibres and tiny bits of Angelina fibres. They were spread over the surface of a piece of painted canvas. I places a dyed silk pod down the centre. I machined a digitised urn over the silk pod using a red metallic thread. I had a machine pattern which looked like a lotus flower and stitched single ones over the silk fibres. Tiny burgundy beads followed the line of some of the silk fibres. It was satin stitch edged to pelmet vilene.
The third one used painted canvas covered with dyed fibres held down with a toning tulle More of the gold mesh and some more dyed fibres then a dyed silk pod were layered up. I stitched out a digitised Nefertiti onto black felt then placed it in the centre. I free machined it in place then stitched a row of beads along the bottom of the collar. I used the same lotus flower stitch around the sides and made a feature with a painted bead and metal dangle. Other beads were stitched around the piece and it was edged with stain stitch.
I was about to start another piece when I realised that I didn't have enough purple based fibres so decided to dye some. This led me to dying the wool fibres and mohair yarn ready for a workshop in October.
A number of years ago I asked my OH to ask his friend who had a small holding and some sheep on the small field in front of his house if he could let me have some wool. He sent me a FULL fleece from his best 'tupp'. I have washed about a third of it so far and given some of that away and still have many bag fulls to use.
This is some of the dyed wool, mohair yarn, synthetic and silk fibres.
The smell of vinegar and wet wool has taken some getting rid of. Lots of spraying with Fabreese.
I have spent much of today carding the wool which is resulting in an aching arm. This image shows only about two thirds of it. There are more purples , greens and blues. I wonder how long it will take me to card it all.


sharon young said...

Hi shirley
These minis are lovely, the colours on the bottom one are gorgeous.
Thanks for your detailed explanations, very helpful indeed. I think I'll use the same ploy with our sheep farmer, might work LOL

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Shirley - thanks for coming by my blog. I have just had a wonderful return visit and I am totally fascinated by your various endeavours. I'd love to trade an Egyptian themed ATC or postcard if you are interested (now or in the future) - I have some lovely Egyptian stamps and some papyrus that need to see the light of day!!

Purple Missus said...

These three pieces here are gorgeous. I particularly like the middle one. What type of canvas did you use? Was it difficult to embroider the motif on?

hippopip said...

You have been busy, all beautiful I do love the greenish one, what is serendipity paper? In answer to you question manutex is sodium alginate which is used for thickening.I wanted to use it to stamp dye onto fabric but sofar it has been a waste of time. I had a bale of untreated wool in our spare bedroom it wasnt until we needed a suitcase that I realised where all the moths had come from so beware

vivien said...

I'm enjoying watching these :) such gorgeous colours and textures