Sunday, 8 June 2008

Absolutely amazed

Well I am amazed. For some reason I decided to check my Blogger site after being locked out and it is working again!!!!
Now I have the dilemma of deciding what to do.
I have opened an account with Wordpress and have been blogging there since I was locked out of Blogger. I couldn't even access the help center let alone posting, editing and opening comments on the dashboard. Eventually I gave up and transferred.
I am now wondering whether to copy and paste so there are two blogs running side by side for those bloggers who only search Blogger and who did not know I had changed.

Anyway , my other blog is and there are several posts on there.
Cheers from a confused blogger

Just testing - I have copied my other blog for Saturday 7th June and pasted it here. It seems to work. So might do that from now on.

Spent most of today in the garden. Planted up the baskets and tubs. Tidied up the patio. GS chased the frogs back into the pond. All looking good ready for the nice weather to sit out there and enjoy it!!!!

Finished the mobile yesterday and it has turned out quite well.

I explained in an earlier post on my Blogger site how I created the composite of Nefertiti. I used this image to make this mobile. I began by printing a digital composite onto a sheet of overhead acetate film.

I sliced it up into 9 pieces (3 x 3), then edged each of these in three different ways - buttonhole, wrap and running stitch. Beads were added along two sides of each. Using a fine lilac metallic thread I created line patterns and criss cross lines of beads across the surfaces of each. Once the embellishment was complete they were attached together with a bead spacer, to form two columns and a single piece joining the two columns together at the bottom. The two columns were suspended from a fine metal rod and were free to spin independently.

It looks quite effective hanging in the window with the light shining through.

So, two out of three isn't so bad. Still thinking about a rescue for the other one. I want to tackle another piece I have in mind first. So BFN everyone. Will post the progress of it as it goes.

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Genie said...

Glad to have you Back here Shirley. Had a look at other blog loved the Egyptian Bag. What printer do you use for printing on the Acetate?
Cheers Jean