Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Time for another blog after spending a few days doing some sorting and reorganising. I did manage to throw some stored 'too good to throw out' stuff out. Not easy for a hoarder like me.
I also managed at last to photograph a tassel I made last week. It is a representation of a lotus flower. I digitised a petals and stitched out eight of them on white sheer fabric. They were cut out with a soldering iron and then stiffened with a clear stiffening medium.
Next I made the skirt of the tassel with a mixture of green threads - to represent the stalk.
Then I made a 'pom-pom' with a mixture of yellow threads to represent the flower centre.
With hindsight I think it should have been a little less dense and more straggly.
All the parts were then stitched together.

Today there were some dandelion seed heads out on the patio having seeded themselves between the paving stones. The sun was shining so I dashed out to photograph them. It was a little bit breezy and so I spent quite some time waiting for the breeze to die down or the sun to come back out from behind the clouds. I did get what I wanted.

Half an hour later this last dandelion seed head had blown away so there will be more of them next year.

At this point I would like to thank Lynda for her method of positioning the images without the long tedious drag from the top. It worked.


Doreen G said...

I love the tassel Shirley Anne it's so beautiful and fragile looking.

vivien said...

the tassel is absolutely lovely - and so are the dandelion photos, I really like the dark simple background as it shows them up so well.

sharon young said...

What a lovely tassel, Shirley, it's so delicate, I love those wonderful petals.
Your dandelion heads are superb, well worth the trouble.
Thanks for dropping in on the blog, I think the next thing in the 'Good life ' diary might be a bee hive!!
PS do tell how you place the pics, please :-)

hippopip said...

Beautiful tassel ,lovely clean lines,and I like Sharon would love to know how you place the `photos it would make life easier

Purple Missus said...

A wonderful tassel Shirley and the dandelion photos are great shots.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi everyone
I am having serious problems with Blogger. It won't let me in to create new posts, edit or access comments stored on the dashboard. I have tried everything on 2 different computers. Direct comments can get through.
I am now going to have to sign up with a new blog provider - Wordpress so you will need to try me on that when it is set up. I will put a link on it to this blog for access to old blogs. No probs accessing everything prior to this blag.
Blogger are no help - keep sending you round in circles. there is no contact with Blogger at all.
Fingers crossed then.
Cheers everyone