Friday, 13 June 2008

Quilt so far

Have been working on the quilt and in this image it shows the completed first stage of the stitching.

I only decided how the rest would be stitched when I reached this point and that too is finished now. I have just begun working on the border.

We had a lovely day at Reivaulx Abbey last week with one of the rare sunny windows. here's a few of the photos I took.

I took so many it took ages to process them all and we need to go back for a morning visit to catch the sun from the opposite direction.- - when we get another 'sunny window'??

So a short and sweet post today. Cheers.


Karen Hall said...

This has a really interesting quality to it. In some ways it feels quite abstract

Debbi Baker said...

The quilt is looking fabulous Shirley! And how wonderful to have such history around you and to be able to take such inspiring photographs - makes me realize how "young" Australia is when it comes to buildings!