Monday, 16 June 2008

Finished piece

The art quilt is now finished.

The project is now complete and for the last couple of days the 69 pieces have been spread across my living room floor while I have been deciding how to mount and present many of the pieces. A couple of the panels have now been turned into books. I searched out some stored frames which have been in a cupboard for years. I did a bit of creative sponging and made them suitable - in fact very suitable - for a set of three Nefertiti profile pieces. I just have to stitch the spines of the two books and I can befgin to store the project away.

I have two talks booked for this project so I will be making a visual record which I show on a monitor while I talk about the pieces, techniques and materials.

We went out and did some gardening today while the weather was fine. In the side garden we found this clump of fungi. never seen this fungi there before.

I did a bit of macro on it.

A lovely copper colour.

Must get on with the stitching of the book spines now. I want to finish everything tomorrow and then SOMETHING NEW!!!

So cheers everyone.


Karen Hall said...

I like the finished quilt.
And the macro on the fungi

Doreen G said...

The quilt look great Shirley Anne and what a great photo of the fungi.

Purple Missus said...

This is fabulous. I can see this hanging in one of those ultra modern flats where everything is very stark except for some really vivid prints etc. on the walls. I bet you are really pleased with it aren't you?

vivien said...

me too!!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comment from Sharon Young transferred from other blog:

What a great finished result , Shirley, I love the bold choice of the black binding and accent stitching. It's good to see the previous pic too.
Your macro shot is stunning, you've encouraged me to get the Nikon out again, I haven't used it for anything else but work pieces for ages.
BTW I managed not to spend in CIB, saving my money for the Farnes!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comment from Pippa transferred from other blog

3 pippa

Great quilt,you must be so pleased,The fungi looks like Glistening ink cap,did you find it near a tree stump?