Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Photos, snow and sew

Well the snow has gone but when it fell it fell thick and fast. I am still creating an image per day so as the snow was falling I went outside to find a photograph. I didn't get far as the snow had built up on the leaves and stems of the climber outside my front door and made the perfect image. It was just as well as my boots and wellies were in the car in the garage so I had slipped my feet into my OH's motor bike boots - very big and heavy so it was difficult to walk far. The snow was still driving and I was getting covered in snow as I took the photographs using several different setting. This is my favourite.


In the back garden the bushes were laden with snow and I refrained from going outside to photograph it. I simply opened the conservatory door and zoomed in from there.


In spite of all this snow, the snowdrops are flowering and became the subject of another of my images per day.


To avoid going outside I looked for an image inside. The sun was falling on the leaves of one of my plants so I took a photograph of it. As I can never resist playing with images in the computer, I did just that with the photograph of the leaves and this was the result. I loved the colours. and sweeping shapes.


I have spent lots and lots of time getting to grips with my new mac computer but I have still managed to create some textile pieces. These are mini panels to add to the project I am expanding.


For this panel I used metal shim and embossed some fish which were then overlaid with dyed fibres and threads. The background was my first use of texture paste which I like very much and will use a lot more in the future.


I had to make some copper wire spirals for this piece and they were stitched onto a weave of painted scrim.


This one didn't turn out as I had hoped. The darker fish underneath didn't show up too well and I had to keep playing and adding to it but this is the best I could get. I may still do more to it as it will bug me until I get an effect I want.


This one used some of the serendipity Tyvek I had in store and fitted the project subject perfectly ( sorry can't say more than that). It was a 'go with the flow' piece and the base fabric a recycled skirt.

These are simply technique samples to go in a folder and they are fairly quick to make.

Now I am planning the next series of pieces but I have my grandson with me this week - half term- so it will be next week. One piece of good news. The publisher sent me a PDF of the sleeve for my book. It looks really good. Hope it catches peoples eye when on the book shelves.

It is getting late now so time for bed.

Cheers everyone.


hippopip said...

You have been busy too,I do like the one with the metallic spirals

Genie said...

some lovely work Shirley,