Monday, 9 February 2009


I don't have any creative work to show as I have been busy with my new computer. It arrived in a big black box.


I upgraded the hard drive and the RAM so it is a very powerful system. It is also a very heavy piece of equipment. However the new keyboard is just the opposite. It is very small and light.


Once we began to set it up we discovered that some of my other equipment is no longer compatible. Even though my scanner is only about 4 years old there is no update driver for the latest Mac so I have had to buy another one. Then I discovered that my graphics tablet which I have had for a long time but which works perfectly well is also not compatible so .... a new one of those too. The speakers used the old 9 pin serial connection so they are redundant too. Not bothered about them as I have some very dinky ear phones. Just look at this redundant hardware!!


The computer I have replaced has replaced an even older computer in the work room and I have cleared it out and am loading my grandson's software onto it. I can also still use it in the workroom. I am putting Windows on the Mac and running a dual system for the software that will not run on a Mac- namely my embroidery machine software. That will keep my mind focused.

I still have a long way to go but getting there. It has interfered with my other interests especially my image per day so today's image was created by playing with yesterday's image - the keyboard.


I am getting used to Photoshop CS4 on a Mac which is somewhat different to CS3 on a PC. It is simply practice and time - LOTS of it. The trouble is - I am missing my sewing and mixed media work so I think I will take a day off and go into the workroom tomorrow and give the Mac a rest except for my emails and image per day!! I hope.

So I have stopped pulling my hair out and have calmed down from thinking I had made a big mistake. On a lighter note - when my grandson heard us talking about the big Mac he piped up that he had been allowed to have a big Mac for doing so well with his silver swimming award!!!

Now I would like to express my deepest concerns to my Australian blogger friends and the terrible disaster they are enduring. It is hard to watch the news without tears in the eyes and a lump in the throat.

So that's all for now -

Bye everyone.

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Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comments transferred from other blog:


You’re going to love that Mac once you get over a few fundamental differences :) I changed about 18 months ago and love it, but can’t run my quilting program which is windows only, have installed leopard so I can run both mac and windows, but finding it impossible to get windows xp - old quilting program won’t run on vista :(
Not having a right mouse button takes some getting used to - have fun and your so lucky having CS4!! thought about upgrading - but still a lot of $


Wheyay -
(is that a word, probably not)
Have lots of fun with your new BIG MAC

Tonight I also checked the blogs of Australian bloggers - it is just awful …



What a wonderful new toy. I am a Mac convert and finally my husband is too. Am waiting for the government to decide on their new stimulus package and if we get anything I am buying a new Macbook.


As Morpheus put it, “Welcome… to the real world”.

Or at least a world when a machine doesn’t deafen you when you put in on and does what you tell it to, when you tell it.

Down boy!

sharon young

Glad it’s all finally coming together, Shirley.