Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hanging around!

Well the deed is done. I have ordered my new computer and monitor. I have to be patient now and wait for its arrival. I think it will be a couple of weeks as the computer is a custom build. Meanwhile I will continue adding and expanding my old project with new techniques.

I have just finished two hangings. They are a compilation of numerous techniques. Each part of this hanging is a different technique and uses different materials. They all represent the different aspects, features, colours and textures of a place I visited.


The materials used include tyvek, Angelina fibres, fusible film, printed photograph, stencilling , wrapped and shaped wire. When you enlarge the image you will be able to see the different techniques that have been used. They all have work on the backs too so that it is seen when the mobiles spin.

The second hanging used the text. The letters are digitised and stitched onto satin. The back of each mobile is painted and stamped craft Vilene. I made the stamps from Funky foam.


I used the text mobile to create my image of the day. It is a composite of this hanging from two sides.


I did have one parcel arrive this week - some soy wax flakes which I bought after reading and seeing Tracy's blog. This is another technique to play with.


The beginning of the week was quite pleasant so we went for a walk along the river at a nearby market town. We saw lots of these handsome chaps swimming around on the river.


The end of the week has been bitter cold and we were absolutely knithered standing on the school yard waiting for our grandson who is sleeping over tonight. Looks like we are in for a very cold spell - I shall retreat to my studio until it warms up. Hope to get lots done before the computer arrives because then I will have quite a learning curve ahead. I am changing from a PC to a Mac.

It is getting cold now that the heating has switched off so to bed.

Cheers everyone


vivien said...

these are great! oh if I only had the skills - and patience < sigh >

Ro Bruhn said...

What fabulous pieces, I love the look of the mobile. Ohhhh your weather's so cold while we swelter, I'll send you as much sunshine as you like, we have plenty to spare at present. Thanks for your comment on my blog too.
By the way you'll LOVE your Mac, so easy after the pc, it practically operates itself. Can't tell I'm a Mac addict, can you?
I must check out the soy flakes, thanks for the link.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comments transferred from other blog:

Doreen Grey

Lovely work Shirley and I love the stunning colours as well.

Tracy McNicoll

Shirley your mobiles are gorgeous!! what a great way to display a variety of techniques.
Will be interested to hear how you go with the soy wax, did you manage to get the harder wax for pillar candles? I think it will work better than mine, although it might be our hot weather that is making a bit difficult to work with :)
You asked about my fish piece being hand drawn - well not exactly, I got the basic composition from a sculptural piece. I have found that it is much easier to draw light pencil lines onto the fabric when applying the wax rather than using an image under the fabric as a guide, and once you get the tjanting going it sort of takes over so I try not to be restricted by too much detail in the drawing part, just let the lines flow as they will.
Look forward to seeing what you do with the wax.


Lovely mobiles Shirley - I hope that you enjoy your new mac as much as I love mine - I would never work on a PC again. I love it.

sharon young

Lovely composite of your beautiful mobiles, Shirley.

Ditto to Karen’s comment :-)