Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Life just gets busier!!

Time for a new post. I am trying to write this while watching the ice skating - its the European championships which is slightly easier than trying to free machine and watch. Never could do one thing when I can do two at the same a time. Such a lot happening this week - my head is swimming.

Where to begin. Well - I have been toying with getting twin monitors and while researching this a computer friend of mine let me borrow a big wide screen monitor. Awesome. So much space to work in. Now I am thinking a single BIG monitor. I am also seriously considering going Mac. Whew!!!

I packed up my sewing machine and it was picked up by a courier to go for a service and to sort a couple of faults which have arisen. Horrible feeling seeing go off in a van. I took a photo of the boxed machine and made it my image of the day yesterday. I played with it a little in some filters to get something I liked.


I put a very big notice on the top 'Fragile Take great care'.

There were blue skies and no wind today so I went outside to take my image today. The sun is, at last, high enough to shine over the house roof and into the back garden. It lit up the jasmine. Some cheerful colour against a backdrop of last years dead remnants.


And here is some remnant of last years flowers in the hanging basket. I don't mind seeing last years dead tangles in the tubs and baskets.


I have just finished this piece to expand an old project. It represents the colours and textures of a place I visited but that is all I am prepare to say about the source.

The base fabric was sponged first, then covered with teased out dyed silk fibres.


These were covered with a black nylon sheer to hold it all in place.


I used the sweeps and curls of the fibres as a guide to free machining over the surface. I digitise a Celtic design and machined it over the patches of fibres. The surface was then zapped with a heat gun and embellished with beads and dyed baby pasta rings.

It is ready to be stretched over a frame to finish.


Another big decision made this week. I booked flights to go to our daughters villa for two weeks. It was only after it was all booked that I realised - TWO WEEKS away from my sewing and workroom. Planning ahead now. Trying to come up with ideas and prep for hand and finishing work to take with me. A friend suggested I take my machine as she does when she goes to see family in Australia but I will have a lot of heavy camera equipment with me so couldn't manage a machine as well even between two of us.

Hooray! my favourite skaters have just won!

My daughter has just arrived for her dad to to something on her car. Good old dad. How useful they are.

I can get on with the machining now that the skating has finished so bye all.



Genie said...

lovely work Shirley, hope your machine gets better soon

hippopip said...

I have always taken plenty of hand sewing and even to it on the plane most of my C&G pieces were sewn abroad,like you say its just a question of getting it organised.And think of all that lovely sun

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Comment transferred from other blog:

sharon young

Lots of news!!
So ….. you’re thinking of getting a Mac then!! I’d say go for it, you’ll never look back.
I love what you’re doing on the new piece, the colour and textures are lovely.
Lucky you off to the villa, I’m sure you’ll come back bursting with inspiration!!