Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Two more finished pieces

I have completed the Aubrey Beardsley based peacock piece and finally managed to photograph it. I traced the design onto a satin fabric using a white pencil crayon which rubs off when needed. I painted the peacock design with white acrylic paint and the flowers with red metallic paint. I gave the white several coats of paint but was never completely happy with it. However, I continue with the piece. I used a black rayon thread to free machine quilt the peacock and all other white areas. I used a red metallic thread for the red petals.

I was still unhappy with the white painted areas and almost ready to put the piece away and not finish it which isn't me. Then I remembered I had a bottle of pearlised medium and wondered how that would look painted over the white paint. It solved the problem and saved the piece. I was then able to continue to quilt the background and embellish with beads.

When this was finished I started a new piece. This was another Art Nouveau design. A very simple one which I could see as a goldwork piece. I chose a piece of black Thai silk for the background fabric. The face was created using padded gold synthetic leather. This was outlined with a gold thread. The remainder of the design was created by couching gold threads. Very simple and effective.

I haven't decided how to mount and present this piece as yet. I now have to decide on the next piece but that might be a bit delayed as I have finally received the first draft layouts of my book and have to work my way through it checking and making notes of any changes.

I also have my granson with me for the rest of this week - half term. So not much sewing anyway.

That's all for now.

Cheers everyone


Jacquelines blog said...

Gorgeous work Shirley!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

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Tricia Cook

Shirley, I really love the Gold on black, absolutely stunning. Bw Triciax

Sharon Young

Your peacock turned out very well and certainly does look white on the screen.
I like the gold piece, it’s very striking in its simplicity.


Two beautiful pieces, the goldwork is stunning,something I loathed doing at college but you have almost inspired me

Debbi Baker

Hi Shirley - I’m way behind with my blog reading so just catching up. These pieces are just beautiful - so precise!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I loved your peacock work so much that I painted it for my friend. Keep it up! :)